News & Upcoming Events

October 5th the planning board is having a public session on the proposed cell tower on Apple Hill Rd. They will be looking for your input.

What follows is my opinion! It is pretty wonderful that we have a Sullivan Master Plan. This document lays out how we want our town to look, what we want built where and how. Many folks think it is to restricting, after all this is “Live Free or Die” But unless these things are in place, you have nothing to use to argue against something the town does not want, like a 10 story apartment building. Many times (such as in the case of a cell tower) the Federal Government cuts deals to override our plan but the plan enables us to fight long and hard, making our preferences known. End of personal opinion

October 7th is Movie Night at the library. Our movie is Good Night and Good Luck. This is the story of Edward R. Morrow and Joe McCarthy. An excellent movie. Please join us. Free popcorn. Bring your own drink.

A note from Ron Upton,
Nelson School
Nelson, NH

Hello everyone,

As been the tradition at the Nelson School, we are making plans to have all of our students vote in the upcoming Nov. 8th election.  Mrs. Benner will be working on the details in the next few weeks.  As this is the first time the students from Sullivan will be a part of this process, we felt communicating this event with everyone is appropriate.  All students will board a bus and go to the Nelson Town Hall to participate in their very own “mock” election, just like the adults would.  This is a wonderful opportunity to teach students about government and politics as well as instilling in them the idea about civic responsibility.  All staff will remain neutral in the discussions both before and after the election.  More detailed information will be sent home to families as the date gets closer.  If any parents or community members have any questions about this event, they are encouraged to call the school or email me (  Thanks in advance for spreading the word.
Winter is coming.  I always urge you to check on your neighbors, particularly the senions and singles. This might be a good time to talk with them, let them know you will be checking on them. Maybe even come up with a little signal that says they need help. Put the red bloomers in the door handle. Turn on the light in a room that is not used and can be seen from the street. Maybe have a time for that light to go on and off. If the schedule is not met, they need help.  Come up with something. If they have one of those personal alarms, make sure it is working.


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