New Year…a little late

It is February. I missed the entire month of January! Where have my posts gone to?  Did I go on vacation? Pretty sure I didn’t. Did I win the lottery and move someplace warm? I am sure I would have noticed that. Did I schedule eye surgery and then worry about it? Yes, that sounds like what happened.

No time to write. Had to google everything to do with cataract surgery. Then compare it to what friends were saying about real life. The big day came and it went just like all my friends had said – piece of cake! No pain and incredible vision. The best part was amazing colors! White was really white, no yellow tinge.

So, I am in that middle part. One eye done. Waiting for the other eye to be done (March 22). I have very interesting vision but my guy Alex Thayer at Look Optical in Maynard MA got me set up with a contact lens for the eye not done yet so I can drive. Thanks to BJ Wahl for the suggestion!

So enough about me and my lousy excuses for not writing.

A blizzard is coming. So far the weather genie is saying 10 to 18 inches. That is a pretty big range. At 10 inches I can push it out of the way when I open my door. At 18 inches, I need to call help to shovel out my door. Spring may be here before anyone lets me out!

So as the snow begins it is time for my usual warnings.

  1. Don’t go out driving unless it is an emergency.  Give the road crews time to do their work. You also do not want to go slip sliding away or into another car.
  2. Wait a little to go out cross country skiing or snow shoeing. You do not want to have an accident and get buried out there. I recommend always having your cell phone on  you. You may not get service but the GPS may direct rescuers to you.
  3. Take it easy shoveling. Nothing wrong with taking a break for a little rest and a little hot chocolate.
  4. PLEASE check on your neighbors. Of all ages. You never know when someone will need help. Perfect example – this snow may go over door entryways. Some one will have to be outside to just give a little shovel so the door will open. Maybe the heat has gone off. Maybe the deep snow is blocking the heat vent to the outside and carbon monoxide is building up.  PLEASE just visit. Make sure they have your phone number to call if they need help. Make sure you  mean it!!

Photo time:

Several folks got together at Coffee and Conversation Saturday morning at the library and decided to go snow shoeing on Sunday morning. This was taken by Jim Casey as the group was about half way on their tour of Sullivan Trails. Reports say a good time was had by all.


Personal Note: My thanks to Shelley Richards,  Jim & Leslie Casey, & Carol Sullivan for all their help as I went through the cataract surgery. Little do they realize they will be repeating this in March when the second eye gets done!


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