March almost gone….

Well, here we are. Spring is here. Yep. it does not look like it but the days are longer. Some days are warmer. We got mostly rain the other day. I know the calendar says it is here but by my book, spring IS coming.

Around Sullivan, I know seedlings are getting planted. Hay fields are getting some additives. I am sure there is a technical name for what is happening but I always think of fertilizer and such as additives. Spring lambs are arriving.

We had elections and town meeting. Some easy decisions and some hard ones but always in the spirit of what we think is best for our town.  The town committees worked very hard on their budgets, trying to save wherever they could. Selectpeople  were very creative in finding ways to afford some projects and investigate new vendors for others. The Conservation Committee even volunteered to eliminate the $25 in their budget for phone calls. (It stayed in). The Cemetery Committee did a lot of work of revamping how perpetual care and trust funds are handled. All of this prepares them for the future. Those are just some examples of the work that went into this years town budget.

I hate to say “As Usual” but as usual, our road crew of Randy and Paul did a wonderful job of keeping us plowed out this winter. And now starts both the repairs and the paving. So give then a lift by waving your thanks when you pass them.

If you have a little extra time, consider helping out Sullivan. You can join a committee, some meet monthly, some meet infrequently. You can help out on a one day project like town cleanup or trail work. There is something to suit everyone. Get your kids involved in trail work or picking up those cans that magically appear on our roads. Call the town hall, let them know what interest you and how much time you have. They will find you something.

Men and Women, over 18: If you would like to participate in a more demanding role, our all volunteer Fire Department is getting low on person power. Firemen, rescue, medical – all areas that they do on a day to day basis. Drop in to the Fire Station on Wednesday evenings. Find out what is involved. If you have experience great. If you are a total novice, great also. They provide training.  (PS, if you are under 18, talk to t

And last but not least, I once again remind you of Saturday morning Coffee and Conversation at the library. Free coffee (no latte, no coolatta, no macchiato, only coffee). Fun, lively discussions.  It is also a politic free zone.  Starts at 9, runs to noon. Show up anytime, leave when you have to. We have plenty of chairs, so come use one.

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