Spring has Sprung

The good days are beautiful. 70 degrees and sunny. We forget the other days – snow in May, rain and cold, more rain and cold. BUT we have water! The brooks are really rushing and looking beautiful. Hope it lasts.

The time is here for people to sell things and that is true of Sullivan.

The 13th Annual Yard Sale at the Fire Station will be happening May 26 and 27, that is a Friday and Saturday.  Time is from 9 to 3. They are still accepting donations so call Bonnie Blanchard at 847 9680 to arrange for pick up or drop off.

New to our Spring Sales is the Congregational Church Yard Sale. Also on May 26 and 27, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 3. Assorted household items, some clothing, perhaps a few antiques and who knows what????

Then there is the library Plant and Book Sale. This event is only on May 27, Saturday from 9 to 2.  Select hardy Sullivan grown plants, a good selection of perennials and other plants will be available for $3 each. Then you can pick out a book for beach or bench reading. Lots of subjects, hard and soft cover. You set the price.

So it is some easy shopping.  Start at the church, walk down to the fire station and then mosey over to the library.

If someone was smart, they would have a drink setup as it may be a hot day!


The Board of Selectmen are moving into summer hours. Time is 6:30 and the dates are
June 5, 19
July 10, 24
August 7, 21

The State says there will be work on Centre St this season. Nope, they did not give us a date but this is the closest they have come to saying there will be work. It will begin on NH Route 10 on the Keene side, easterly to a pavement joint about 0,5 miles east of the Gilsum/Sullivan town line. Then resume east of the new road and go to Rt. 9. All totaled, about 4.5 miles will have a paver shim done.( A thin lift of pavement, then fix imperfections such as wheel ruts, not great but better than nothing). They still have to issue the contract and set the schedule. Once the DOT has approved it, the contractor will let us know about 7-14 days in advance of the start. (Now this comment is only from the rumor mill but the funds for doing this project last year got diverted to the walkway bridge to the Keene State Athletic Fields. So don’t hold your breath on this one)

Now onto more fun projects. Here is a photo I merged from two photos of the library on a Saturday morning. Coffee and Conversation on the left, Book Group on the right. If you feel left out, you don’t have to be. Come join us!!


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