Times are changing…

Hi there. I think sometimes we hang onto things because we started them and don’t want folks to think we have failed. After I retired, I made many changes in my life. Tried many things, not bungee jumping but other things. I also started many things. I cannot define how many things are in many but enough to make me work.

One change was moving to Sullivan. That was a great change! Once here I looked around and joined organizations that appealed to me. Another great change. I also started some social media sites for the citizens who like to find info on their phone or tablet. I started a blog site to help spread information about town events through the web. As usual, some things work and some do not.

From my limited point of view, the two  Facebook pages (one for the town and one for the library) have worked. They have a solid following. The one experiment that has not worked is this one, the one you are reading. Time to admit it.

I have had an opportunity to follow some other blogs on different subjects. I was hooked on them and read them every night. The Sullivan Fun blog does not have that magnetism or the content to be published on a regular schedule to gain readers.

So, Sullivan Fun is calling it a day. I will cease publication and try some other things. Please make note of the links on the right for other Facebook pages and web sites involving the town of Sullivan.



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