December Happenings

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Hello Sullivan. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and did not kill your credit card with all the shopping and giving days.

A few updates to your calendars. There will be no movie night this Friday. But there will be one on the first Friday night in January.

December 3 is Santa Day. A Sullivan tradition primarily for the children. Visit with Santa and have your picture taken (free). Do your Holiday Shopping. All gift items are 25 cents. Some are new, others are gently used. We will have free gift wrapping also. Come and join the fun from 1-3 pm in the Town Hall. Sponsored by the Sullivan Friends of the Library.

The Sullivan Carol Sing will be on December 10, at 6:00 at the Town Hall. Are you looking for Singing, Hot Chocolate, Meeting up with friends, Luminaries and no electronics? Looking for something of small town America? Please come join us. Matt Burke will be leading us in song and playing our accompaniment. Mulled apple cider and hot chocolate provided afterward in the church Friendship Hall.

The Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner will be on Sunday, Dec 19. Dinner will be from 6-7, followed by a visit from Santa from 7-8. Hosted by the Sullivan Recreation Committee, all Sullivan residents are invited to attend. Each family is asked to bring food items for the potluck. All children attending must be registered by Dec 1. The registration form is in the Sullivan Newsletter.

Tuesday, December 13 is the date for the St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble Concert. This group is from Russia and was founded in 2003. This wonderful concert starts at 7:30. Note that this is a return visit. The ensemble was impressed by our church acoustics and those attending were impressed by the amazing voices so a return was arranged. Admission is free. A free will offering will be taken at intermission.

Get out your calendar and put the dates in. Lots is happening in your town.

November is here!

November 8 is Election Day.

Voting will take place at the Sullivan Town Hall from 8 am to 7 pm on Nov. 8.  Sample ballots can be found on the town website, at the town hall, library and post office.  Remember to bring your photo ID!  If you are not registered, you may register at the polls – bring proof of residency, age and citizenship.

Absentee ballots are available from Town Clerk, Mary Hull. Stop by the Town Hall during regular office hours or call 847-3316.

The Town Clerk’s office will be closed on Election Day.

Please note this is not just a Presidential Election (Although that is important!). We are electing a new governor, a senator, local offices, all kinds of things. Just be very grateful that we are not California. Rumor has it their ballot has an average of 18 propositions and then all the folks running for office.

Friday Night is Movie Night

Yep, Friday, November 4, is Movie Night at the Library. This month we are featuring something a little different. An ensemble movie directed by Dustin Hoffman.

Cecily, Reggie, and Wilfred are in a home for retired musicians. Every year, on October 10, there is a concert to celebrate Verdi’s birthday and they take part. Jean, who used to be married to Reggie, arrives at the home and disrupts their equilibrium. She still acts like a diva, but she refuses to sing. Still, the show must go on… and it does.

The ensemble features many excellent actors. Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Billy Connolly, Tom Courtney, Pauline Collins are just a few. It is rated PG-13 for brief strong language and suggestive humor and lasts 1 hour and 38 minutes.

Have to admit, I picked this one. Saw it many years ago and saw Dustin Hoffman interviewed about it. I was taken by the incredible cast as well as the wonderful story. No guns, no bombs, no cursing, a little old age humor, just a nice wonderful story.

News & Upcoming Events

October 5th the planning board is having a public session on the proposed cell tower on Apple Hill Rd. They will be looking for your input.

What follows is my opinion! It is pretty wonderful that we have a Sullivan Master Plan. This document lays out how we want our town to look, what we want built where and how. Many folks think it is to restricting, after all this is “Live Free or Die” But unless these things are in place, you have nothing to use to argue against something the town does not want, like a 10 story apartment building. Many times (such as in the case of a cell tower) the Federal Government cuts deals to override our plan but the plan enables us to fight long and hard, making our preferences known. End of personal opinion

October 7th is Movie Night at the library. Our movie is Good Night and Good Luck. This is the story of Edward R. Morrow and Joe McCarthy. An excellent movie. Please join us. Free popcorn. Bring your own drink.

A note from Ron Upton,
Nelson School
Nelson, NH

Hello everyone,

As been the tradition at the Nelson School, we are making plans to have all of our students vote in the upcoming Nov. 8th election.  Mrs. Benner will be working on the details in the next few weeks.  As this is the first time the students from Sullivan will be a part of this process, we felt communicating this event with everyone is appropriate.  All students will board a bus and go to the Nelson Town Hall to participate in their very own “mock” election, just like the adults would.  This is a wonderful opportunity to teach students about government and politics as well as instilling in them the idea about civic responsibility.  All staff will remain neutral in the discussions both before and after the election.  More detailed information will be sent home to families as the date gets closer.  If any parents or community members have any questions about this event, they are encouraged to call the school or email me (  Thanks in advance for spreading the word.
Winter is coming.  I always urge you to check on your neighbors, particularly the senions and singles. This might be a good time to talk with them, let them know you will be checking on them. Maybe even come up with a little signal that says they need help. Put the red bloomers in the door handle. Turn on the light in a room that is not used and can be seen from the street. Maybe have a time for that light to go on and off. If the schedule is not met, they need help.  Come up with something. If they have one of those personal alarms, make sure it is working.


Fall is coming

A long time since I wrote an update for Sullivan. But today, I sit here in my jeans, sweatshirt, socks, sheepskin slippers and it reminds me fall is coming. I love Fall! While I do love my socks and sweatshirts I also really believe the scenery is come of the best in the world.

Peterborough was having a health fair today and I decided to go with a friend. We took off through the back roads as we wanted to see what was happening in the forest. Needless to saw, we got lost or rather did not get the roads we wanted to take. But old faithful GPS took us some other way which was still back roads. The Swamp Maples were turning red. There were yellow trees, still some green ones. The brooks were all low. The sky was blue with nice white fluffy clouds. Just beautiful.

Fall brings lots of things. Some of you have started Christmas shopping (not me, way to early!).

Some of us are investigating insurance choices for the next year. Once again, I am trying to find the best Medicare Plan  D. I take numerous drugs, some are apparently expensive. When I met the donut hole this year, I almost went broke. So I am looking for a way to spread those payments out.  I know the world is upset over the cost of an EpiPen but let me point out that you only use it rarely. Only in an emergency. Take a look at the cost of Insulin for diabetics. It gets used everyday, several times a day. My cost is about $700/month at this time of year. $80/month at the beginning of the year. So, if you have expensive drugs and like your Plan D, send me a note.

Some of you are cleaning up your lawns or taking care of your gardens. I know the Sullivan Center for Sustainable Agriculture is finishing up a new seeding greenhouse as well as harvesting fall crops. A lot more work than I want to do. I might get around to transplanting some hosta. Notice I said MIGHT!. A couple of trees could stand to come down.  If the winter is bad, I will regret not taking them down. If the winter is mild, I can move it to next summer. But do I trust the Farmer’s Almanac?

A pretty big project on my list before the snow flies is new siding on my house. It is on my list, just not sure where it is on my carpenter’s list. Right now, the garage is one color, a mild yellow. The main house is a kind of grey with green trim (looks like a Forest Ranger dwelling). The addition on the end opposite the garage is the mild yellow with white trim. My goal is to make the main house the mild yellow with white trim so it all looks the same.  If that doesn’t happen, just know it will at some point.

Another very important fall activity is our National Election. I am certainly not going to get into who to vote for, only ask you to please vote. If you are not register, get register. Then come to the polling place (otherwise known as the town hall) and vote. This is not only about a President, it is about a Governor, a US Senator, many other state offices, many will impact your future. Here is the info from the Sullivan Newsletter:


NH’s General Election is Nov. 8th with voting from 8 am to 7 pm at the Sullivan Town Hall. You do not need to declare a party to vote in this election. Remember to bring your photo ID’s to both Elections.

Absentee ballots for either election are available from Town Clerk, Mary Hull. Stop by the Town Hall during regular office hours or call 847-3316.

The Town Clerk’s office will be closed on Election Days.

Supervisors of the Checklist will be in session for additions and corrections on Sept. 6th from 7 pm to 7:30 pm and on Oct. 29th at the Sullivan Library from 11 am to 11:30 am. Change of party is not allowed at the Sept. 6 session. You may also register with the Town Clerk until Sept. 6 or on Election Day.

Please get out there and enjoy the Fall. Don’t think about what follows!



Ice Bucket Challenge

A couple of years ago, the town of Sullivan participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS research. We raised over $2000 in honor of Sullivan resident Ellen Corindia.  Yesterday many publications were carrying the story of how the Ice Bucket Challenge changed the course of research and helped find another genetic link, making us closer to a cure or prevention.

I do not pretend to understand the research or even the practical implications of what they found. But I certainly do understand that our town of 600+ people participated in something that will make a difference in the WORLD! Here is a simple explanation from Boston Magazine and there are many more in depth articles. What amazes me is that this research was not scheduled to be funded. But because of the $100 million raised by this challenge, there was money to cover the research. In other words, the cold, wet, general public bet on a long shot and it has paid off. Try that at Foxwoods!

If you read many of my writings, you will note that community is a major theme for me. Neighbor helping neighbor, doing things for the greater good, etc. Never have I contributed to a research project and found that there was a breakthrough in my lifetime. I get goosebumps every time I talk about it.

There is another opportunity to keep this research going. Ellen will be participating in the Augies Quest Half Marathon to raise money for ALS research. The fun will be in Brooklyn in October. Ellen and Leif have a goal of $3000. Look up the information and donate to a worthy cause. 100% of your donation goes directly to funding ALS research.  Let’s get Sullivan to help a world wide problem again!


OK, I am whining. I am hot. Not so hot that I want February weather but maybe a  little of October would feel good about now.  That whine is out of the way.

What is happening in town? Flowers are blooming, vegetables are growing. The library is very cool – great place to visit in the heat. Sit and read a magazine, no charge and no dirty looks. Everyone welcome.

The newsletter is out with lots of things to do in the summer. Check it out for those days when the kids say “I’m bored” Visit a museum or a state park or find a fair. Get outside, away from the computer or the game console. Get some fresh air.

Personally, I am watching a load of craftsmen build an addition for me. I say craftsmen because they are! The foundation was poured by our neighbor John Bolles. It is an experience to see all that goes into the job. My project manager/builder is Mark Ide from Marlow. What a perfectionist! Every board is placed just so. Plumber Bob Bedaw of Gilsum has been a great help with suggestions, making sure I have what I want and the quality is there. Electrician Chris Cote of Marlow has also suggested changes for the better and done a wonderful job.  Jim Laliberte of West Chesterfield has done the drywall with great skill and attention to detail. He said his job was so easy because Mark cared so much about getting the base work right. Everyone of these guys is a craftsman. They do an excellent job and they take pride in what they do. I feel very blessed to have all of them working on my small addition.

Will report more as the season goes on.

Library Movie Night – ERROR

A serious error has occurred. Apparently I have trouble reading calendars. Movie night is Friday, July 1 NOT July 2. So get your calendar and make that change.

Movie Night is July 2. Show time is 7 PM. Our movie will be “Best in Show” (Rated PG-13). Yep, an oldie from 2000, but a very funny movie. Directed by Christopher Guest. Written by Guest and Eugene Levy. The cast stars Fred Willard, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O’Hara.

The owners (and handlers) of five show dogs head for the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. A film crew interviews them as they prepare for the trip, arrive at Philly’s Taft Hotel, and compete. From Florida come the Flecks: she keeps running into old lovers. A wordless ancient in a wheelchair and his buxom trophy wife who may have a thing for the dog’s handler own the two-time defending best in show, a poodle. From the piney woods of N.C. comes a fella who wants to be a ventriloquist. High-strung DINKs feud loudly in front of their Weimaraner. Two outré gay men from Tribeca round out the profiled owners. The dog show brings out the essence of the humans. Who will be best in show?

Please join us. Free popcorn, bring your drink.